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About us

Fitted Projects is the leading market-focused urban planning firm. We offer large-scale master planning, urban extensions, research, urban legalization, and tactical urbanism services – designing boutique solutions for unique existing areas. Founded in 2015, our custom research and extensive international experience will help us fit your project into the local market while keeping a global perspective. Fitted Projects plans are simple and scalable, maximizing long-term value for shareholders and residents by creating economic, environmental, and social resilience.

Why work with us

Urban planners who understand cities

A city is not a building, and more planning doesn’t always lead to better outcomes. Good cities are dynamic, messy, innovative, and ever-changing. Trying to guess every activity and design every building stifles the creativity that makes cities great. We prefer to open new doors by creating flexible frameworks that can host multiple uses and evolve to meet changing conditions.

Designed for growth

A real city is never finished. Fitted Projects plans are scalable, using the principles of urban Economics and urban planning to create simple designs that maximize flexibility and make it easy to expand, while minimizing the initial investment. Our urban planners create flexible layouts that will work for generations, using the same principles that created the cities we love today.

Focused on pedestrian issues

Cities work when people can connect. Our plans maximize opportunities for walking, cycling, and public transit. More than just greenwashing, our team knows that great cities use these public goods to create density, connecting workers, residents, and businesses, and building opportunity into the fabric of the city. and creating dynamic markets that people will compete to access.

Not just a pretty picture

A city is more than concrete and steel. Rules, norms, and regulations determine how vibrant, chaotic or sanguine your city will become. The rules of the game shape future outcomes much more than a rendering or a masterplan. Our approach combines nuts and bolts urban planning with the development of a regulatory framework that can maximize value creation for your firm, your investors, and the citizens of the city you are building.

Our team


Founder and Principal Urban Designer

Nuria is an urban designer and construction manager, with a focus on flexible, market-focused plans and cost-effective design on limited budgets. She has worked on projects from small renovations to over 4,000ha new city community plans in the United States, Latin America and Europe.


Lead Project Coordinator and designer

Juan is an urban designer, urban manager, and a consultant at the Bjarke Ingalls Group in New York. He has worked on metropolitan and regional master plans, competitiveness studies, and design strategies for multi-disciplinary urban development.


Researcher and project coordinator


Urban planner

Our Partners


The Charter Cities Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to creating the ecosystem for charter cities, founded on the idea that a fresh approach was necessary to tackle humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as global poverty, climate change and rapid urbanization.


e-Design Dynamics is a leading New York-based environmental engineering and planning firm that helps ground our projects in the best practices for managing water and protecting local ecologies


Politas Consulting assists with the development and implementation of laws, policies, and administrative frameworks for special economic zones (SEZs), cities, and autonomous areas, to achieve inclusive economic growth.